NHS Funded Glasses and Spectacles

Great value for all

Free Glasses for patients entitled to a full NHS optical Voucher

You can make your NHS optical voucher go further

At Homecare Optical, not only can you get a free NHS eye test, if you get an NHS glasses optical voucher, you will be able to select from our entire range, including over 30 pairs of great-looking glasses from our £19-£49 ranges, for free.

However, you can also put your NHS voucher towards frames in our £75 and above ranges. In fact, an NHS voucher can also be used with all our frames.

Homecare Optical will also deliver the completed glasses after your home eye tests free as part of your services.


  • Free NHS-funded eye tests
  • Choose from our £19-£49 ranges, with no cost to you
  • Receive big discounts on glasses in the £75 to £149 ranges when you use your NHS optical voucher
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Frames and Lenses

We pride ourselves on the range of frames and Ophthalmic lenses are of a high standard and quality.Our frames have been carefully selected by the  vastly experienced Optometrist for high levels of craftsmanship and comfort for the customer.   

The lenses:

  • Type of lens correction: Single vision, bifocals  and varifocals.
  • Thinner and lighter lenses: Especially relevant for high prescriptions lens coatings:
  • Anti-reflection coatings, sunglass tints, photochromic lenses.

See how you can save from our Premium, Medium and Designer frames ranges:

  • Premium Frame range from £25 up to £49 with the NHS Voucher these are Free.  
  • Medium Frame range from £75 up to £95 with the NHS Voucher these become as low as £25 to £45

  • Designer Frames range from £100 up to £149 with the NHS Voucher these become as low as £75 up to £90

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